5 Points to Consider when Choosing a Funeral Home

When a loved one passes away, family members are often overwhelmed with grief. Sometimes they rush to make important decisions, like choosing a funeral home, without careful thought. Thus, the location where families spend time with the remains of their loved one along with relatives and friends may be disappointing rather than uplifting. The ideal goal is to have a funeral home selected in advance, perhaps as part of the Last Will and Testament. However, family members can find a suitable funeral home on short notice by considering the following points.


A funeral home located within the local community is typically preferable for convenience. However, there may not be a funeral service in the area, or it might not have capabilities sought by the family. A central location is recommended so it can be easily found by guests, especially those unfamiliar with the area. Attractive surroundings help to convey a positive image of the place where guests will say goodbye.


Although not high on some people’s list, parking can play an important role. Guests have been known to leave when they cannot find the parking area or if the lot is completely full. Generous parking space at the location or nearby helps to ensure that everyone can park and leave without major traffic disruptions.


Funeral services and products should be evaluated when the home is selected. Common items to discuss include scheduled visit times, room and seating arrangement, floral placements, and lighting. The company may offer coffins, vaults, and related funeral products for sale. They might offer to manage the obituary publication with local newspapers as well as funeral announcement cards for visitation and service times. If these services are unavailable, they can be arranged with other vendors.


Funeral expenses are frequently a deciding factor. Although expenses may be similar around the area, some vary sharply, so it is best to get a detailed print list or discuss with the funeral administrators. Be sure to ask about add-on costs apart from the transport and preparation of the loved one’s remains, coffin drape or quilt, and similar costs. Get an itemized statement ahead of time to be prepared to discuss with the insurance company or whoever will pay the bill.

Auxiliary arrangements.

Transport to and from a religious service, the grave opening and closing, and a canopy for the graveside service should be discussed as well. Obtaining the death certificate and providing a guest book for visitors to sign are additional options. Ask about any extra services of interest.

Funeral planning can be challenging on short notice. Before rushing to select a provider, consider the above points to help you make an informed choice. The Aftercare website can provide you with additional resources.

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