5 Popular Sheet Metal Finishes That Are Done Mechanically

There are all types of finished that can be added to sheet metal products to help make them more impervious to environmental influence. They are made stronger, more resistant to dents, scratching, scrapes and dings by the application of specific process that established the desired finish. Your steel supplier will be able to tell you which finish is best for the intended use of the metal. Below are five of the standard types.

Case Hardening

The process of case hardening metal is nothing new. The basic technique has been employed for hundreds of years. The object with this finish is to get the outside hard, while leaving the inside a pliable metal. This is done by heating the metal up, shaping it and then rapidly cooling in water. There are some metal alloys that cannot be case hardened. The process leaves the metal weak. it is bets to consult with an engineer before making the decision to case harden metals.


This treatment provides the smoothest surface for stainless steel imaginable. The item is placed in a chemical bath with DC electrical current applied. This strips the top layer of metal, leaving behind the beautiful smooth surface as a finish. It is a simple way of creating a one-of-a-kind luster to stainless steel. It produces an enhanced nickel and chromium coat.


Electroplating is a process that is used to make metals more resistant to corrosion. There are some metals that are weakened by the process. This is another finish you will want to discuss with an engineer before getting it done. The metal is put through a bath of liquid that contains metal ions. An electrical charge is added, which causes the metallic ions to bond with the sheet metal surface.

Electroless Plating

Metal is placed through a chemical solution that contains metal ions, but there is no electrical charge added. The ions bond to the metal surface using a specific chemical reaction. The results are just as good as with electroplating. You will need to check and see which is the best process for the sheet metal you want to use.

Passivated Finish

This is a process that stainless steel undergoes to prepare the surface for further finish applications. It is bathed in a solution containing citric or nitric acid. This strips iron and sulferic contaminants from the surface, giving it a rougher, more oxidized look. It makes the stainless steel less prone to damage from corrosion.

Contact an expert steel supplier and find out how you can enhance your metal products using the right finish. They will be happy to discuss all of the available finish options that are suitable for all types of metal. The experts at BOSS Steel Limited may be able to provide you with more information.

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