The Exciting Trends in African Vacations

Visiting exotic places around the world has become more and more popular with travelers. Africa is one of the top destinations that many desire to see. Picturesque and unspoilt landscapes vary from sea coasts to mountains with expansive deserts and grasslands in between. The continent is also famous for the abundance of wildlife. However, although tourist attractions and sights abound, in recent years, travelers are expecting something more authentic. Africa tours provide the chance to see locations, engage in unique adventures and create memories that last a lifetime.

Want Real Experience

Tour operators throughout the continent share that guests want more experiences that delve into the true nature and adventure of the region. Traveling at a slower pace and multiple-day safaris are some of the many requests. In many destinations, walking safaris have taken the place of remaining safely in a vehicle. Rural campsites and treehouses are preferred over traditional four or five-star luxury resorts. Africa tours make an effort to accommodate visitor requests by incorporating a variety of activities and options.

Back to Basics

Guests visiting from the United States and other world destinations are more interested in having an authentic rustic experience over spending money on a luxury vacation. Africa tours might consist of canoeing or hiking for a few days to get to a particular destination. A permanent tent-type lodge, campfire prepared meals and dining under the stars are welcome features at the end of the journey. Visitors also appreciate learning about the are from experienced, native guides having expertise in local animal and plant life along with culture and tradition. Authenticity and sustainability are key to pleasing today’s travelers.

Environmental Conservation Interests

Clients are also more interested in conservation ever than before. Most do not have the time or resources to engage in long-term projects. As such, they are thrilled to participate in local, interactive processes. Guests might accompany park rangers in tracking rhinos or other species. They might assist veterinarians microchip endangered animals. One game preserve enables guests to take part in a four-day rhino tracking and capturing safari. Groups also delight in visiting specific villages and combining forces with local organizations to help with humanitarian efforts.

Art and Culture

Although the spectacular landscape and famous wildlife remain an important reason for visiting Africa, local art and culture come in at a close second. Guests are not simply satisfied by touring galleries and museums found in the larger cities. They now request the chance to visit personal studios, talk with the artists and learn the history and influences behind their creations. Art auctions and regional festivals are also very popular. Discerning art fans view the pieces obtained as being worthwhile investments. If you are interested in learning more, visit Tour East Holidays.

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